Thursday, June 8, 2017

Labour Appears to be on a Roll

Labour is picking up seats in Wales and Scotland. Gerry Adams is batting down questions as to whether Sinn Féin will take its seats in Westminster. Boris Johnson is sharpening his shiv for Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn appears set to exorcise the ghost of Tony Blair. 

Can the D.C. Democrats be next? They should be. The Clintons should have been exorcised after the Trumpocalypse. Team Obama is going to have to go, which is going to be a hard push. Organizing for Action is doing far more organizing now than it ever did while Obama was in office.

Let's take a moment to doff our caps to the British voter -- for pushing Parliament to block Cameron from bombing Damascus back in the summer of 2013, which made it next to impossible for Obama to bomb Syria; for Brexit; and now for supporting a true social democrat in Jeremy Corbyn.

The French shit the bed, but the Brits are poised to renew hope in electoral democracy.

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