Friday, March 3, 2017

Trump Middle East Peace Plan is U.S. Conquering Yemen

The latest round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva is wrapping up. No breakthroughs are reported. The Trump administration is not broadcasting its position. The Saudi-created High Negotiations Committee (HNC) has been obstructionist. For instance, when the Syrian government announced that it had retaken Palmyra from antiquities-demolishing ISIS, the HNC's lead negotiator, Nasr al-Hariri, dismissed it as a "Tom and Jerry" cartoon.

Peace will have to wait the outcome of the battle for Raqqa. All the contradictions of the U.S. position -- tacitly backing the jihadis through the CIA while augmenting the fighting forces of the YPG through the Pentagon -- will then have to be confronted.

For the time being it looks like Trump's plan is to secure GCC allegiance to a peace deal with Assad by committing to conquer Yemen for al-Saud.

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