Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NFL Week Five: Cracks in the Facade

If you ever wanted to see how to beat the Seattle Seahawks Indianapolis showed the way. When the Colts went to the hurry-up in the third quarter of Sunday's game they systematically wore down Seattle's defense. The Seahawks pass rush disappeared, exposing the much-celebrated corners Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner as less than their hype. T.Y. Hilton appeared to have his way with the two, particularly Browner. Andrew Luck played a smart game behind center. Minus one critical third-down conversion by Trent Richardson in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks shut down the Colts running game.

With the game on the line and enough time on the clock to take his team to paydirt Russell Wilson failed to get the job done; certainly the defense let down in the second half, but so too did the Seattle offense, repeatedly settling for field goals. Marshawn Lynch had a big drop in the fourth quarter when he turned too late to see that Wilson's pass was already right on top of him. He was wide open and would've had a first down if not a touchdown and the game at that point would have been entirely different.

Well, you can't win them all. The Patriots figured that out, losing in Cincy to a streaky Bengal squad; if they ever get a solid running game and consistent play from QB Dalton could be a team to watch. Denver survived a bizarre game in Dallas that was like something you would play on the street with a few friends and a Nerf football. The final score was 51-48. For a while, Tony Romo looked like Brett Favre at his peak. I am now suspicious of the Broncos defense.

The Falcons are in free fall, losing to the lowly Jets last night. The Saints remained unbeaten, as do Andy Reid's Chiefs. Everywhere I see feet of clay and nowhere a clear king of the hill.

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