Monday, September 12, 2016

American Exceptionalism Coming to an End

UPDATE: This past Sunday, September 18, one week after the post below, on the identical Sunday morning run, I spied one lone Hillary sign. It was on the beauty strip near an intersection. It had been up before, in August, but someone had knocked it down, and it had not been replaced when I was on my 9/11 Sunday morning run.

Hillary is in real trouble. Maybe not in terms of losing the general election to Trump, though there is that (the fact that Florida is still up for grabs is proof that Clinton, running behind Obama's numbers with whites, is in rough shape), but the idea that she will have any legitimacy with which to lead a discredited empire is far-fetched.


Pneumonia is serious and not easily dealt with if one has to continue to go to work. The video of Hillary being trundled by Secret Service into a waiting van like a life-sized rag doll or a duffle bag of dirty laundry points ahead to a front-porch type of campaign from yesteryear for the Democratic nominee.

Hillary has two weeks to heal up before her first debate against Trump. She should be able to clear her schedule and get some bed rest in Chappaqua. The weakness of Trump gives Hillary a lot of wiggle room.

What I noticed when I was out running yesterday morning in my neighborhood is that there were no Hillary bumper stickers or yard signs. My neighborhood is in one of the most liberal districts in the nation. For there not to be one visible marker of the Democratic nominee when in the recent past one couldn't go a block without seeing evidence of support for the current president (though no more) is an ill omen for Clinton.

In this environment, one would expect to see some proof of life for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. I did not. It might be too early yet. But overall, like the absolutely soporific and hollow 9/11 invocations that festooned the opening Sunday NFL games, the mood is weary and cynical. The U.S. is plowing ahead into an era of Mubarakism. Elections are only for show and everyone knows it. The state is knit together by brutal police force. A lot of people care, and a lot don't. Still, American exceptionalism is coming to an end.

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