Monday, December 3, 2012

Doomsday for the Corner Video Store

Walking home after running errands I noticed that the local video store is out of business.  I was on a first-name basis with one the workers there, though it has been several years since I last talked to her.  Recently I've passed the owner on the street in the neighborhood once or twice; and ashamed for no longer being a patron of his store, I averted my eyes and walked on.  Horrendous behavior.  I enjoyed being a member of Broadway Video because it allowed me to discuss movies with intelligent, pleasant people and get recommendations on avant-garde films.

I'm surprised the store stayed open for as long as it did (I think one of reasons is that it had a large collection of Gay pornography).  Once I got a high speed DSL connection and a new computer with a rectangular flat screen monitor in April of 2010 it didn't take long for me to stop watching DVDs and broadcast television.  Now I only use the TV to watch the NFL.  Everything else I stream, with the exception of the occasional documentary that I check out from the library. 

Combine the prevalence of high speed internet with the popularity of those Redbox kiosks and you get doomsday for the corner video store.  Chalk up another culture shock to technology.  First the internet wiped out the mom & pop bookstore; then, the video store. 

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