Friday, June 2, 2017

Corbyn Has His Mojo Working

UPDATE: A Politico story, "8 ways Jeremy Corbyn is winning," from this morning enumerates Corbyn's charge up the polls. Point eight is particularly sweet:
8. Standing room only 
While packed rallies are not an indicator of voting intentions, Corbyn has managed to attract people to his campaign events in their thousands, giving him a sense of momentum when the images are beamed into people’s living rooms on the evening news. “I know the rallies are driving them mad at CCHQ [Tory headquarters],” one former Tory campaign strategist said. “They know they can’t match it and it’s a problem for them. The images are really good for Labour.”

It’s funny to track the huge swing in the Tory tabloid press as Corbyn surges towards next week’s election. At first Corbyn was dismissed as an out-of-touch Mr. Magoo riding his bicycle to nuclear-free extinction as Labour disappeared forever. Now he is the Second Coming of Stalin thumping his red playbook for re-nationalization of British industry while he conspires with the reviled Nicola Sturgeon to carve up poor old John Bull.

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