Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump's Press Conference Yesterday

Trump's news conference yesterday was an impressive performance. What struck me was at the very beginning, before he begins to address the reporters, his kitchen cabinet -- Bannon, Kushner, Pence, Priebus -- files in to their seats in the front row, and they look isolated, forlorn, like suspects in a police lineup. Clearly there is a war going on. It's Trump against the permanent government.

What Trump has going for him is that he is an accomplished pitch man. But his greatest asset is the loathing that the majority feels towards the media and the governing elite. Trump can lie and cajole and play off the elites for a long, potentially very long, time.


  1. A falling out among the criminal elite.

    1. Trump is really good at two things: 1) tarring the out-of-touch media elite who propagate Fake News, and 2) celebrating his rescue of American jobs from being offshored.

      Proof that he is not looking to rewrite the neoconservative playbook is found in how he frequently moves directly from saying ISIS is public enemy #1 to saying Iran is the #1 exporter of terrorism. This is the standard Saudi/Likudnik shuffle -- the horrors of ISIS (a product of US/GCC/Israel) laid at Iran's doorstep.