Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary on Her Way to a Big 300+ Electoral Vote Win

There is a fluid that we all share. We live in it together all at once. It is time. That's our placenta. The key is to recognize this with whatever umbilical cord -- newspapers, comic books, film, music, baseball, television -- you have.  I have discerned a big break for Hillary from Sunday on, following the FBI announcement that nothing actionable was discovered in the Weiner/Abedin email hoard.

Nate Silver's latest post, "Election Update: Clinton Gains, And The Polls Magically Converge," backs this up: "As a lot of you noticed, Nevada, North Carolina and Florida flipped from red to blue over the course of Monday."

Silver discounts this as non-significant, one-day movement in the polls. But my sense is that it is real. I think Hillary will clear 300 electoral votes, as FiveThirtyEight's latest map shows. So 2016 is going to end up being more like Obama-Romney 2012 than a Bush v. Gore constitutional crisis.

Which as an election-day reality is all for the best. A Trump shellacking at the polls will prove that white male supremacy as an electoral divide-and-conquer strategy is done.

The systemic problems don't disappear tomorrow though. We're still headed for some sort of collapse or seismic slip. The Western theater will just pack up and move east across the Atlantic.

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