Saturday, October 8, 2016

This October Surprise Comes in Threes

Friday saw three surprises. The first was WikiLeaks' reveal of "The Podesta Emails," named after Hillary's campaign chair and Washington power broker, John Podesta. Included in these emails are snippets of Hillary's expensive speeches to banking giants. These are the speeches that Hillary refuses to make public, the ones Bernie inveighed against in the primary. Hillary has kept them under wraps for good reason. They confirm the worst suspicions about the Clintons serving the top tenth of the 1%. Hillary favors the Trans Pacific-Partnership trade deal; she thinks the 2008 banking crisis was overly politicized; and she thinks there are too many barriers to the rich serving in government.

To throw a wet blanket on the Assange October Surprise, spook-in-chief James Clapper issued a statement identifying the Russian government as the agent behind recent hacks of Democrat operatives. Call it a counter-surprise.

Then of course there is the "mother of all surprises," Trump's "grab them by the pussy" comment, gathering dust since 2005 but conveniently brushed up and presented as breaking news the same day as evidence surfaced of Hillary's performing fellatio for Lloyd Blankfein.

What a bunch of surprises. I would be surprised if we weren't in store for more this month.


  1. Exactly. If you were Hillary's enemy and wanted to damage her campaign, why would you release merely portions of the speeches, and not the whole thing? And the timing. You release the speeches on DC Dump Day, Friday evening? I'd say that this was trickled out to take the sting out of any future leak of her speeches. And this operation has the fingerprints of the CIA, not Putin, on it.

    The big money to be made is not from being defrauded by Trump but by a war with Russia. Some of it may even trickle down to people on the assembly line making jets.

  2. The interesting thing here, Bob, is as far as I can tell all three releases -- WikiLeaks, Clapper's Russophobia, and Trump's "grab them by the pussy" -- happened simultaneously -- early evening EST/late afternoon PST. My guess is that both the Trump bombshell and Clapper's statement were on hand waiting for whatever Assange's October Surprise was. The question is how mighty is the Mighty Wurlitzer. I think Trump is finished. But I am hopeful that the Cold War reboot will be unable to find a devoted avoidance (except in DC/Wall Street/Hollywood and wherever else the ruling elite congregate).