Sunday, June 5, 2016

Red Wolf #6

A tremendous comic book, Red Wolf, just finished a six-issue run. That Marvel cancelled the series speaks poorly of its corporate leadership. This comic book had everything -- excellent writing, superb art, a riveting narrative of a noble hero who, from the 1872 title (part of the recent Secret Wars crossover event), suddenly finds himself transported to present-day small-city New Mexico on the verge of a big-business drug-trade takeover.

Red Wolf is a Luddite manifesto. Scribe Nathan Edmondson champions a "whole earth" noble savage gestalt. Red Wolf fights gun-totting criminals barehanded, with the exception of an occasional mighty toss of a stone or an empty beer bottle, relying on pure athleticism and an understanding of the natural world, both flora and fauna, to best his foes.

Red Wolf is a true hero, no easy achievement these days, and for this Edmondson and penciler Dalibor Talajic deserve praise. Red Wolf offers a primer on how to be a good man. Do what you know. Be honest. Don't be afraid. It brought me to tears (a weakness of mine, this tendency to start weeping while reading comics books) in the 14 scans below:

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