Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where Monsters Dwell #4 & Where Monsters Dwell #5

Where Monsters Dwell was a five-issue limited series that was part of the recently concluded Secret Wars Marvel crossover event. The multiverse collapses in on itself --
Now all that remains is Battleworld: a massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, Victor von Doom!
Each region is a domain unto itself!
While abandoning a tribal princess carrying his child, flying ace (and general jerk) Karl Kaufmann agreed to fly the fetching, well-heeled Clemmie Franklin-Cox to her husband. En route, an unnatural storm stranded them in a dangerous region of Battleworld . . .
Where Monsters Dwell
To repair his plane, Kaufmann need to steal an engine and propeller from the beautiful warrior women with whom Clemmie had very happily settled down. He convinced a tribe of diminutive cannibals to wage war on the ladies. As his troops died by the dozens, Kaufmann grabbed his plane parts, and promptly deserted them.
If the original Where Monsters Dwell, an early-70s Marvel reprint series of Silver Age SciFi and horror, treated the cultural verities of the U.S.-Soviet Union Cold War and its underlying logic of Mutually Assured Destruction through a prism of aliens from outer space, the present Where Monsters Dwell, subversively penned by Garth Ennis with compelling art by Russ Braun, depicts a social milieu where men are scheming, pussy-hungry, bloodthirsty cowards and women are strong, moral and lesbian. It is a world that is the polar opposite of the Cold War 1950s and 1960s. I think it is a fair description of our world today. If there is any hope for the species to survive, men need to be shown the way out of the halls of power.

Below are nine scans from Where Monsters Dwell #4 and Where Monsters Dwell #5. The murderous poltroon flying ace gets his just desserts. He ends up trapped on an island of dung and guano with his impregnated native princess.

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