Saturday, August 22, 2015

Snap Elections in Greece and Turkey

Snap elections have been called in Greece (September 20) and Turkey (November 1). The rival nations of the Aegean both tout wounded leaders trying to solidify a disintegrating base of support.

One can only hope that Tsipras and Erdogan suffer a huge defeat at the polls. If democracy is to work elections must matter. In the case of Greece, that huge "Oxi" vote against austerity must be matched by tossing Tsipras from power. The discussion now is what new party formations will appear in the run up to the election. Syriza's Left Platform is making noises that it will create a "Oxi" party, while Tsipras is considering a new PASOK-type "socialists who support neoliberal hegemony" grouping.

In Turkey, Erdogan's corruption and warmongering have led to a crisis in confidence. The Islamist president is playing the divide-and-conquer game by going after the Kurds, hoping that his Justice and Development Party will gain at the expense of the Kurdish bloc.

In both Greece and Turkey, may the people be granted the strength and wisdom to see through the bullshit.


I'm out of town for the next few days.

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