Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Oxi" is Winning in Greece

Suzanne Daley in "Greeks Appear to Lean Toward Rejection of Bailout Deal" includes some very telling quotes from interviews with voters at Greek polling stations:
Ippolitos Papantoniou, 55, a businessman, said Greece was being made an example in case other Southern European nations tried to challenge the dictates of the eurozone. 
“We are a tiny part of the European Union’s G.D.P.,” Mr. Papantoniou said. “They don’t want to allow a government of the left.”
Athanasis Chryssochoidis, 76, a pensioner and a friend of Mr. Papantoniou’s, agreed. “Tsipras and all of them want to negotiate,” Mr. Chryssochoidis said. “But as soon as they said yes to something, the Europeans put up more demands. The issue is that Syriza is a left party and they don’t want such mischief.” 
“We’ve reached our limit,” Mr. Chryssochoidis said. “This is not a society of beggars.”
People can see what is happening. Exit polls show a strong No. Plus, No is coming in at 60% with 10% counted.

The courage of the Greek people must be celebrated if this holds up. To display such courage is the essence of our humanity, the whole point of being here now, always.

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