Sunday, May 10, 2015

Inhuman #6

A well-written comic book is Charles Soule's Inhuman. It tells the story of Medusa trying to piece Attilan, the floating Inhuman island nation, back together after its king and Medusa's husband, Black Bolt, blew it out of the sky when he detonated the Terrigen Bomb.

New Attilan now protrudes from the Hudson River, and Medusa has been gathering NuHumans there. In Inhuman #6, former Attilan king The Unspoken has succeeded in capturing Attilan and taking Medusa prisoner.

In the seven scans below Inhuman physician Vinatos leads a kamikaze attack on The Unspoken who is sitting on the throne of Attilan. Ryan Stegman is the artist; Marte Gracia provides the colors.

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