Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NFL Week 3: The Poverty of Pittsburgh

Granted, only the third game of the season is complete; and granted, the team the Seahawks thrashed 45-17 this past Sunday was the rebuilding Jacksonville Jaguars, led by former Seattle defensive coordinator of the last four seasons Gus Bradley, it is nonetheless beginning to look like Pete Carroll has a bona fide Super Bowl contender.

The National Football League is hard to gauge this early in the year. It usually takes until the end of November to get a sense of which teams are peaking. And even then it's still a tough call. Who could have foreseen the amazing playoff run the Ravens put together last season?

One of the nice things about the lopsided Seahawks-Jaguars game is that it allowed me to unyoke myself from the television and wash a sink of dirty dishes.

The morning began with a study of the Green Bay loss at Cincinnati to the Bengals. It looks like it's going to be a long, stressful year for Aaron Rodgers. A porous defense, injuries at running back and tight end and some poor throws by the Packer quarterback portend trouble ahead.

By far the strangest spectacle from Week Three for me was the Sunday night game. I can't recall having seen such a weak Steelers team. (There was a time after Bradshaw retired and Mark Malone was QB that Pittsburgh was woeful, but that was long ago.) Pittsburgh managed to claw back into the game against the visiting Bears before Roethlisberger fumbled and Julius Peppers returned it 42 yards for a fourth quarter touchdown.

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