Thursday, September 26, 2013

Computer Problems

Returning home last night from a buzz at my local hipster barbershop, I was greeted by a PC that refused to boot up.

I powered down and powered up numerous times before gaining access to the BIOS screen. From there I ran a system diagnostic scan and received an error message indicating that there was something wrong with my hard drive. I attempted to re-boot once again, got the BIOS screen, loaded and saved the default start-up settings and then, going to bed, I left the computer on trying to identify and fix the start-up problem.

I woke up after midnight and saw that the PC had successfully booted. I entered my password and the desktop popped up. So I went back to bed somewhat relieved.

In the morning I got out of bed and roused the sleeping computer. I entered my Windows password. Immediately the desktop appeared. But when I clicked on the Google Chrome icon at the bottom of the screen, nothing -- just the endlessly spinning little wheel of a process going nowhere.

I gave it about thirty minutes while I washed dishes in the dark. I listened to the soundtrack to The Holy Mountain (1973). Then I powered down and began the whole process from last night over again.

When I return home from work tonight, hopefully, I'll have better luck. If not, blog posts will be sparse until some point next week. Unless I decide to get an entirely new box.

It would be appropriate here to say something about how one's identity extends to one's personal computer. And in moments of difficulty with the home PC it can feel as if one is having an identity crisis. Having gone through this not too long ago with a faulty VGA cable, I know to remain calm. Nonetheless it is an inconvenience. A lot of our lives take place online now.

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