Friday, September 27, 2013

Bad Day for the Warmongers

It's a bad day for the warmongers. The United States, France and Britain were unsuccessful in the attempt to craft a Security Council resolution governing Syria's compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention that would have automatic penalties under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. Any penalties for non-compliance will require a second vote of the Security Council. Michael Gordon has the story, "U.N. Deal on Syrian Arms Is Milestone After Years of Inertia."

Here is the "Text of Draft United Nations Resolution on Syrian Chemical Weapons."

This is a resounding win for Syria, for antiwar forces, for Russia. Despite protestations that an attack against Syria would be of a limited nature, it was apparent that what the West had in mind was a Yugoslavia-, Libya-like air power campaign that would drive the Baathist government from office. What would follow in its wake didn't seem to worry the warmongers. At the worst, so the warmonger reasoning goes, there would be more warfare. And this suits the warmonger just fine.

While the civil war will grind on in Syria, the collapse of a sovereign state due to aggression by the West has been avoided for the time being.

My suspicion was that by now the the warmongering foreign policy elite of the United States wanted to have military forces inserted inside Syria with no-fly/no-go zones. Not only is this off the table -- and not only is the chemical weapons canard removed as a future source of provocation -- but the fictional nature of the official opposition -- the Syrian National Coalition -- has recently been exposed. To top it all off, talks between Iran and the West seem to be progressing.

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