Saturday, January 19, 2013

Avengers #2

What a relief it was to have a Saturday away from the TV. Now that we are in the championship round of the NFL playoffs we're back to a Sunday-only schedule. Kickoff tomorrow for the NFC Championship game is 12:00 PM (PT); 3:30 PM (PT) for the AFC.

After reading the paper I headed out for a run of the Lake Union Loop. Despite the unusual continuation for the last several days of a frigid fog plenty of runners were out on the jogging paths. When I returned to the apartment I indulged in a day of listening to music and reading Marvel Now! comic books. The new Avengers run, written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Jerome Opena, is particularly good. Here are a couple of scans from Avengers #2 to give you the flavor. The storyline is sort of a classic Jim Starlin cosmic epic with a bit of a Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen vibe tossed in (because the villain Ex Nihilo uses Mars as a home base).

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