Friday, January 11, 2013

Divisional Playoff Game Picks

There are only two new-breed quarterbacks left -- Wilson & Kaepernick; one hybrid -- Aaron Rodgers, a guy who can run like a young Joe Montana but whose arm is stronger; and the rest are all the classic white-privilege stand-tall-in-the-pocket American war machine hegemons -- Brady, Manning, Flacco, Ryan and on a good day Schaub.

Here are my picks for this weekend.  First game of the weekend on Saturday is Baltimore against Denver.  Denver is a good team.  A rejuvenated Manning is part of that success but I think a lot of the Broncos first seed is due to their defense.  Smart money is on Denver at home.  But I'm a Ravens fan.  So I'm going with Baltimore.

The Saturday night game is a real humdinger.  Packers-49ers.  I think San Fran wins this because of an Aldon Smith pass rush that is going to harry Aaron Rodgers all Candlestick night long.  Kaepernick will play well.

Sunday morning it's the Seahawks-Falcons.  Can Wilson & Lynch do it again?  I hope so.  I think it's going to be a tough game though.  I think if we can get some pressure on Matt Ryan early and our defense doesn't capitulate in the fourth quarter we'll win.  Seattle in a nailbiter.

Last game of the weekend is Texans-Patriots.  New England is a big favorite.  My head says most likely the Patriots will key on Arian Foster and shut him down and win easily.  My heart says that Arian Foster will perform heroically.  I can't pick the Patriots.  I'm going with my heart.

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