Sunday, January 13, 2013

Praise for Google Chrome

My advice to anyone who cares to listen is if you're using Microsoft Explorer for your Internet browser switch to Google Chrome; it's exponentially better. I was having difficulty uploading digital images to the blog. I tried deleting cookies. I tried adjusting firewalls. Finally I tried uploading using Chrome instead of Explorer and everything worked like a charm. The young woman at work who updates the local's web site was having the same difficulty though in her case she was trying to upload a Word document.  I walked her through the same process -- first, try to delete any cookies; then check your firewalls; finally use Chrome instead of Explorer to log onto the web site and upload. It worked. She was ecstatic; she had been trying to post the document since December.

The only downside is that all your Favorites that you've bookmarked in Explorer will have to be exported to Chrome. Another upside is I prefer all of Chrome's right-click features.

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