Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Last night the winds were howling on my four-mile post-work run.  There was some sort of accident or police action on 10th Avenue East because traffic was shunted off that street onto Federal Avenue which is usually empty or lightly traveled.  During my warm-down stretch on the steps leading to the entrance of the apartment building I ran into the pleasant young woman who lives on the third floor down the hall from me.  She was carrying a small pizza box and wearing a windbreaker, form-fitting pants and a colorful pair of Nike Free.  She fumbled for her keys at the front door.  I let her in and said good night.

On either side of me in the apartment building live very nice retired ladies who are excellent neighbors.  I prefer living next to older women.  Men get criticized for being sexually aggressive. And while this is certainly true I find that the same can also be said of women, particularly young women; that's why it easier now that I'm a non-attached bachelor not to be around women constantly throwing off a scent.  In my current setup living in close proximity to the retired women I've got the whole Yin-Yang thing going without all the hormonal safari drama.  It works.

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