Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ravens Stomp Pats: Super Bowl Should be Good

An unexpected gift this weekend is the 21-0 shellacking the Ravens administered to the Patriots in the second half. Flacco was clearly the better quarterback. Brady, who I think looked old and tired at points this year, was lousy. The Baltimore defense outhit the Patriots all night long. The fumble-causing hit by Bernard Pollard on Stevan Ridley "won the game," as a mic on the field picked up John Harbaugh telling his strong safety.

Now we can look forward in two weeks to an excellent Super Bowl. Allahu Akbar. The Doomsday scenario of Atlanta vs. New England has been averted. Thank you Brothers Harbaugh! Thank you Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco! Thank you Frank Gore, LaMichael James, Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce! Thank you Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis!

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