Friday, December 28, 2012

NFL Religion

The consumer is maximally exploited. There is no longer any room to maneuver. Shock greets one at every turn. Time has been constricted to the binary logic -- the on-off, 01 -- of machine language. More often now I think of the Shangri La of three months on unemployment that I enjoyed during the spring of 2011, the period of being a masterless man.

The Redskins-Cowboys titanic struggle to see who goes to the playoffs is this Sunday night. I'm suiting up in spirit with RG3, the scholar athlete sweet bird of youth transcendent. The NFL, larded as it is with corporate commercialism, still flies faster than a speeding bullet. Compare it to the decline of organized religion. When I walk around every church I come across seems to be in a state of abandonment and blight. Comic book superheroes and sports stars are our gods now.

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