Saturday, December 22, 2012

Obama Governs Like a Clinton

The Boehner flameout fills today's paper.  Before leaving for Hawaii Obama made a statement, according to Jackie Calmes and Jonathan Weisman, "for Congress to approve a stripped-down measure by year’s end to prevent a tax increase for all but the richest taxpayers and to extend aid for two million unemployed Americans."

The stripped-down deal is a continuation of the Bush tax cuts for those earning less than $250,000 a year, an increase in the tax on dividends and capital gains from 15% to 20%, a continuation of emergency unemployment benefits and a suspension of the sequester.  In order for this to happen Boehner has to bring the deal to the floor of the House for a vote and McConnell has to agree not to filibuster it in the Senate.  It is doubtful they will do so.  But assuming they comply my worry remains Obama and what he's willing to bargain away to get any deal at all.

At this point I'm willing to concede that I have been wrong and that the cynical interpretation of the Obama presidency by the Counterpunch Left -- that he is a faithful servant of an imperialistic, plutocratic status quo -- is right.  Of course everything isn't hard and fast and black and white.  But it can't be denied that Obama governs like a Clinton. 

Here is the question that needs to be asked -- and asked of the Counterpunch Left -- "Is the disappointment of an Obama presidency worse than a Romney White House?"

Is this even a legitimate question or just the "lesser-of-two-evils" refrain?

I'm off to Southern Oregon for the holiday.  I'll be back Christmas Day.

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