Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm Set Free

My last two girlfriends siphoned energy from me as sure as vampires drain their victims of blood.  I realized this early on in each of the relationships.  But rather than act on my realization and liberate myself I suffered on, rationalizing that my situation wasn't that bad.  What's the Velvet Underground line?  "Between thought and expression lies a lifetime."

One girlfriend, the prior one, liked to say, "All you want to do is fuck me."  The other girlfriend, the later one, liked to say, "You've lost your swagger."

It's been three years since I liberated myself.  And I've got to say life has been getting progressively better.  At one time I would've thought that the life of an abstemious bachelor would be the equivalent of living in hell.  Now I'm frightened that it might one day disappear.

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