Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fleeing the Beast of the Sea & Fighting John Boehner

Last night I dreamed of walking along a dirt road in the mountains and coming upon a feral dog.  It was a large, shorthair dog with big paws and with long whiskers and pointy ears like a cat.  I stopped in my tracks and the feral dog crouched as if to attack.  I turned on my heels and took off running back the way I came. 

I had come from a campround.  At the campground was a small bandshell where some campers were lounging with their assorted camping gear.  Among the campers was Speaker of the House John Boehner and his entourage.

Seeing such an august authority figure I cried out for help.  The large cat-like feral dog that was chasing me had morphed into two feral dogs.  Identical twins.  John Boehner ignored me, pretending that I didn't exist.

I either fought off the feral dogs or outsprinted them to the safety of the mountain campground bandshell.  Once there I started shouting at Boehner, "You saw that I was in trouble.  Why didn't you try to help?"

He wouldn't look at me.  He could only act distracted and mutter under his breath.  Finally I grabbed him by the face and slammed his head to the ground and started throwing blows to his body.  His entourage interceded and got him back up on his feet and then an argument ensued covering what I can't remember but it went on a long time and was interspersed with more punching and grappling and this lasted until I checked my watch at three or four in the morning.

There are two beasts in the Book of Revelation: the beast of the sea and the beast of the earth.  The beast of the sea looks cat-like.  I've never read the Book of Revelation.  In college I took a course from Art Quinn on the rhetoric of the Bible and read the gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, but not the Book of Revelation.  Back somewhere in my mind though I'm sure I knew -- maybe from watching The Omen when I was a kid -- that the beast is cat-like. 

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