Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hulu Removes Old Episodes of NFL Game of the Week

A rich discovery I made last year was the ability to view online for free old episodes of the "NFL Game of the Week" on hulu.  I made a study of all the seasons from the late 1960s and early 1970s.  A time machine nirvana for this bachelor, I spent each Friday and Saturday night during the late fall and early winter studying Paul Brown's early Cincinnati Bengals teams, the always potent Cleveland Browns, the brief zenith of Plunkett's Patriots with Sam Cunningham and Mack Herron at running back and John Brodie's excellent San Francisco 49ers.  I came to the conclusion that at one time Memorial Stadium in Baltimore was the center of American masculinity.

My idea was that having made it up to around 1975 -- an enormously critical year in the political history of this country -- I would resume my exploration as soon as the days shortened this autumn.  But I couldn't find "NFL Game of the Week" on hulu; the link that was marked as a favorite on my web browser had expired.  I made a couple more cursory attempts before giving up figuring that it proved too popular and had been moved to a new location where payment was required.  Based on a new Google search and info gleaned from an online video guide web site I have not visited until now it looks as if Amazon will offer old episodes on demand at some point in the future (and will likely be free for Prime members).

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